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CIM Event Rules

CIM Event Rules

Entry Rules
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  • The California International Marathon entry fees are nonrefundable.
  • The California International Marathon entry fees may not be transferred under any circumstances. Individuals involved in these illegal transactions will both be disqualified.
Race Rules

The California International Marathon is organized and conducted under USA Track & Field rules. Entrants must comply with Sacramento Running Association rules and all applicable rules.

  • The entrant must complete the entire official course to be considered an official finisher. Those who do not, or who are unable to finish, must NOT, under any circumstances, cross the finish line.
  • The entrant must run on the certified route: prior to the 10.5 mile mark, this includes the entire road. The certified route after the 10.5 mile point is on the RIGHT side of the course.
  • No unofficial runners are allowed on the course. No unofficial assistance of any kind may be provided to entrants. This includes pacing by a coach, friend or family member, even if this person is officially entered. The only pacers on the course are the official CIM Pace Team leaders.
  • The only place an official entrant may receive food or fluids by anyone other than aid station personnel is within a few feet of the official aid stations.
  • The bib number must be clearly visible at all times, may not be altered in any way, and must be displayed on the front of the runner.
  • No early starters and no late starters! The starting area closes 5 minutes after the starting gun is fired, so do not be late for the start. The course starting area is monitored by the race personnel for “illegal early and late starters.”
  • No bicycles, unicyles, tricycles, inline skates, blades, skateboards, or strollers! The only wheeled vehicles allowed on the course are those of the wheelchair competitors and CIM officials.
  • No animals are permitted in the event.
  • Prize money winners are not allowed to wear electronic listening devices. For other runners, the use of headphones is strongly discouraged, and if directed by a race official to cease such use, the entrant must comply promptly.
Disqualification Procedure for Rule Violations

The California International Marathon is officially sanctioned by USA Track & Field, the governing body of road racing, race walking and track & field events. According to USATF sanctioning rules, USATF officials are on the course checking for rule violations and will also accept protests within 24 hours from official entrants who have observed rule violations. Race management also carefully reviews the preliminary results, and missing times, mismatched photographs, and split time discrepancies are investigated thoroughly.