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CIM Pace Team

boston365 CIM Pace Team

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Looking for a Boston Marathon qualifying time? Trying to achieve a PR (personal best)? The CIM Pace Team leaders can help you achieve your finish time goal!

Listed below are the most frequently asked questions about the CIM Pace Team. Also, you can click on the links below to visit each of the Pace Team Leaders’ bios. Feel free to contact your pace team leader. Their contact information is provided along with bios.

What is a pace team:
A pace team is a group of runners who wish to achieve a specific finish time goal. The CIM Pace Team finishing goal times are aligned with the Boston Marathon qualifying times.

What is a pace team leader:
A Pace Team Leader is an experienced distance runner whose primary objective is to evenly pace runners to their set time goal. They achieve this by setting an even pace (min/mile) from start to finish (with slight variations for terrain). Pace Team Leaders have the capability of finishing the race much faster than their time goal, enabling them to devote extra energy to consistent splits and encouragement. Most of our leaders have run CIM multiple times, and all are very familiar with the course and terrain.

Do I need to sign up for a pace team:
No. You can meet your pacer in advance at the expo, or just look for your pace team leader on race morning. Each pace team leader will be at the start waving a red sign with their finish time goal. Arrive early!

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