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Guaranteed Entry

Guaranteed Entry
The CIM implemented guaranteed entry standards for the first time in 2011 and will continue the process in 2014.

Guaranteed Entry Standards
Age Men Women
18-34 3 hrs 15 min 3 hrs 45 min
35-39 3 hrs 20 min 3 hrs 50 min
40-44 3 hrs 25 min 3 hrs 55 min
45-49 3 hrs 35 min 4 hrs 05 min
50-54 3 hrs 40 min 4 hrs 10 min
55-59 3 hrs 50 min 4 hrs 20 min
60-64 4 hrs 05 min 4 hrs 35 min
65-69 4 hrs 20 min 4 hrs 50 min
70-74 4 hrs 35 min 5 hrs 05 min
75-79 4 hrs 50 min 5 hrs 20 min
80 over 5 hrs 05 min 5 hrs 35 min
  • Entry standard must have been achieved within 24 months of this year’s CIM.
  • You may add 59 seconds to the times described to the left.
  • Standard Achievers’ times will be verified by CIM Staff.
  • Chip times are accepted.
  • System uses registrant’s age on CIM race day.
Why has the CIM added entry standards?
Due to the CIM’s fast course, great running weather and quality management, each year many runners enter the CIM seeking a personal best time, a Boston Marathon qualifier, or an Olympic Marathon Trials qualifier. Our entries are filling earlier and earlier each year, and we want to ensure that these runners have the chance to achieve their goals at the CIM. We also want to allow them to enter without impacting the ability of first-time and fitness runners to enter.

How will this be accomplished?
Everyone has the same chance to enter as they had last year: there are 8,000 entries set aside for all runners, and entries will close when that entry cap is achieved, or by September 30, whichever comes first.

Then, from October 1 through October 15, the entrants who have achieved the standards listed below will be allowed to enter.

What is the registration fee during the guaranteed entry standard window?
The Standard Achievers registration fee between October 1 and October 15 is $150.