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Travel Information

Travel Information

Whether you are looking to book air transportation or ground transportation, are planning your mode of transportation for your weekend once you arrive, or want the insider tips on where to park for the event, you have come to the right place.

Here you will find information on airports, shuttles, buses, taxis, rental cars, Amtrak, and the light rail.

Air Travel

Sacramento International Airport:

Sacramento International Airport is served by 150 flights daily with direct service to more than 20 destinations. Major carriers include Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Continental Airlines and many more.

Sacramento International Airport

Ground Travel

Bus Service – Sacramento Regional Transit District:
The RT system operates 62 bus routes with service between 5:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. daily. Frequencies range between every 15 and 80 minutes (some express buses run only a few times a day). Since light rail has opened, buses have generally acted as feeders to light rail routes.

The RT system does not provide service to Sacramento International Airport. Service between downtown Sacramento and the airport is instead provided on an hourly basis by the Yolobus system.

Bus Service – Regional Transit

Yolobus is the only public transit system that provides daily service to the Sacramento International Airport and Cache Creek Casino Resort.


Taxi Service:
On-demand taxi service is provided by the Sacramento Independent Taxi Owners Association (SITOA) by contract. This contract ensures the availability of cars and the quality of equipment and service provided. While several companies are members of the association, all cars are white, carry airport branding and are required to maintain levels of customer service and cleanliness. Other taxi companies with an airport permit may drop off passengers at any time and pick up passengers with an advance reservation. All taxis are located in the ground transportation area adjacent to the baggage claim area.

Airport Taxis

Rental Cars:
All rental car companies at Sacramento International Airport are located at the rental car terminal on airport property. The on-airport rental car shuttle arrives at designated stops on the ground level curbs outside both terminals approximately every 15 minutes.

Rental Car Agencies


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Rail Travel


With a convenient downtown station, Amtrak provides an alternative mode of transportation for Sacramento visitors. Major Amtrak routes that stop in Sacramento include Capitol Corridor which offers daily service between the Sacramento region, Bay Area and all the places in between; Amtrak Coast Starlight service which is considered to be one of the most beautiful of all train routes. The Coast Starlight connects the hottest cities on America’s west coast, including Sacramento. En route daily between Seattle and Los Angeles, the Coast Starlight passes through Portland, Eugene, Sacramento, San Francisco Bay Area and Santa Barbara.


Light Rail – Sacramento Regional Transit District:

RT operates a 37.42-mile (60.22 km) light rail system, consisting of two rail ines, 45 stations, and 76 vehicles. The light rail operates a Blue Line and a Gold Line. The Blue Line travels between Watt/I-80, Downtown, and Meadowview. The Gold Line travels between Downtoan, Sunrise, and Folsom.

Lightrail – Regional Transit